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Product Quality 



Toptop is unquestionably the most dependable source to get top quality stuff with fabulous prices, quality,and service!!!,

Communication and backing is first rate. The item is delivered so rapidly there is no compelling reason to communicate :),

T/An is no longer..... than 5 days toward the west coast. Bundling is smart. The item consistently is delivered immediately with no messed up vials or any issues.

3x100 iu dark tops,

The item quality is amazing with an inconceivable siphon and recuperation that is remarkable. I utilize 2 iu each day 5xweek with diminished body fat, expanded vascularity, and a decent reformist strength increment. I couldn't be more joyful with the nature of stuff from top!!!
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_Reviewed by a non-dynamic individual from roidbible.com_,


Hello sir, Iam sorry to learn that, yet I disagree you that expression quality bad without labs, we have a huge loads of clients did labs to affirm the quality items, and each of my units have an auton.....omous codes for checking at legitimate site. We ensure that items are 100% genuines. I see in some cases I answer messages over 24hrs, yet I never defer shippings. a large portion of our bundles are in 7-10days show up. might be you need to concentrate more about instructions to utilize it correctly.
best respects
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I've been requesting from Kig at TopTop for about ~4-6 months. He's consistently responsive and simple to work with. I began with the angtropin yellow tops and saw great outcomes, run of the mill sides and had labs to help it (GH ~15). About a month prior I went to a.....rrange another round of Ang and saw it wasn't on the site. I shot Mike an email and he suggested the toptrope. After about seven days I saw my hands and feet throbbed less. So about a month into this cluster, I chosen to get a few labs on the new rigging. I stuck the whole vial at 7am and tested at 10am. The outcomes (posted in Lab Photographs) were lovely damn noteworthy: IGF 307, GH serum ~25.

Like the majority of you understanding this, I'm a characteristic cynic and think 99% about the advertisements/reviews on this theme are absolute babble. TopTop is in the genuine 1%. I'm happy I discovered him. My lone concern currently is that he will choose to go into a distinctive line of business and I'll need to begin the pursuit once more.

You're the man Kig!,

Always reacts inside a day or two and sends TN after I put in a request. I've requested 3 rounds also, never had any issues,

Discrete and all around secured.

Most as of late: 2x toptrope
Previous orders: 5x Angtropin yellow,

Great quality dependent on lab results referenced above and posted. Been utilizing toptop gear from ~4 a half year (toptrope for multi month) for general enemy of maturing and injury recuperation (a lifetime of manhandling my body in the military). Sticking 3IU 1x per day as before long as I wake up. I rest incredible with clear dreams and have seen a noteworthy decrease in body fat.

Thanks Kig!
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So I began back in Jan with the 200iu Hyges to test and about seven days after I began breaking out and getting the firm joint sides. I reordered 2 100iu Somatrope packs and they were similarly as acceptable.

Contacted at first since check code wouldnt work yet, he..... guaranteed they were acceptable.

Excellent bundling and t/a. Wrapped firmly in what I can just accept that is xray safe material. Exceptionally discrete, no markings.

1 200iu Hyges
2 100iu Soma
Getting prepared to re-request a pack once more presently!,

Been utilizing since January. Havent had bloods done yet can tell lean-ness, development, and so on at just 4iu every day.

Def suggest!
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_Reviewed by a non-dynamic individual from roidbible.com_,


thank you for your esteemed review! Lab test don't lie, labs represent it's quality.

I requested Hyges a year ago at some point and ran them for just over 7months. I began with 2iu per day for the initial 4 a month and a half (I try not to recollect precisely how long) at that point knock it up to 3 and halted at 4. In spite of the fact that my recup.....eration was incredible and I noticed the expansion in vascularity the thing I cherished the most was the sleep...I cannot let you know the amount I cherished awakening while on the hyges. All the important sides were there. The CTS was frightful past 4iu so's the reason I halted there. I will arrange again soon.

I never stood by additional than a day for a response to any question I had,

I cant reveal to you a definite measure of days it took yet I do recollect getting them inside 4weeks.

1200 IU of Hyges,

I have ran nothing other than these so I don't have whatever else to reference as well. I can say I will arrange more.
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These folks are amazing without a doubt,

Communication is right on target consistently get answer inside 24 hours,

Packaging is incredible all items came consummately unblemished tight and secure,

2x Yellow top angitropin,

So I was on hgh as of now of generic.....s from another source I changed to these yellows at 8ius every day and man it made a total distinction practically stunning!!! My hands are firm as rocks, exceptionally clear dreams more distinctive than I'd like haha, Additionally have lost an insane measure of fat, my face is so lean it's stunning, and I'm feeling extraordinary regular,

Great source with amazing items
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Their Dark top HGH is on point. 4 IU's a day, and I'm the least fatty I have ever been in all my years. Will be a client for life.

Never needed to get in touch with them after my installment was sent. Smooth exchange.

Received my item inside 2 weeks and bundling w.....as secure and prudent.

6 Dark tops HGH,

I've been utilizing their HGH for very nearly a year now at 2-4 iu's a day. I'm presently kicking butt and taking names and individuals continuously remark how smooth my skin is. Their HGH is the best I've utilized.
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_Reviewed by a non-dynamic individual from roidbible.com_,


Thank you for your help bro.
ANGTROPIN is made by genuine pharma, so its quality very consistant.
we have 100% assurance delivery to USA and UK.

Toptopshop HGH Happy Reiew,

Great website page, simple requesting and great communication. Truly, after I requested I did hear anything from the source, no email, no following, however in seven days the rigging landed. I wasn't concerned in light of the fact that .....the examine page and review had NO bad things to say about getting. so all great,

Very cool discrete bundle and air pocket wrap ensured pressing.

2 x yellow ang
1 x blacktop Hyge,

I like the expert container and vials. All were expertly fixed with date/cluster numbers unmistakably stepped on each. Being new to HGH I increase from 1 to 4ius over half a month with one subq infusion before anything else 6 days seven days. I utilized .1 cc of BAC water per iu of hgh. Every ang and hyge vial had a thick 3/8" white puck at the base which without any problem broken down into a completely clear liquid once the BAC was included. Subq infusions were smooth and effortless with a 32 slin.
I had definitely NO unfavorable responses to any of the infusions from these 3 units. No pip, redness, welts, or whatever else. Other than the positive outcomes (underneath) I was unable to tell I had infused anything even in spite of the fact that I did it practically regular. Be that as it may, when I got up to 4 ius/day, I began getting numb, shivering and excruciating thumbs and wrist which would wake me up from rest around evening time. This was irritating yet gentle also, disappeared following two or three weeks, likely ct. Here are the positive changes I noticed:
1. Enormously improved lay down with staggeringly clear dreams (I would have rather not wake up and end a few dreams)
2. Skin, hair, and nails improved in surface and growth...mild be real
3. improved muscle definition and fat lost... moderate however moderate advancement; I can see my abs and have a four pack which I'm certain will be a six by summer without a significant change in diet. Obviously once I could see my abs I was significantly more propelled to cut the carbs.
4. No genuine quality additions yet
5. slight increment in recuperating from injuries
6. Slight increment in muscle mass without AAS however significantly more emotional when I was on.
7. Strikingly, I can't help suspecting that HGH has improved my critical thinking capacities; at work and individual life. It appears like I can more effectively channel passionate components (mine and others) from circumstances and come to more straightforward and inventive answers for issues. Others have seen this in me and now people come to additional for help. Possibly this is partially to the improved rest and clear dreams (oblivious issue tackling).

I have run this HGH and others for a year at this point also, I don't anticipate halting at any point in the near future. This source has reliable, quality GH at extraordinary cost. I don't have blood work yet plan on doing as such with the following cluster so I can decide a long haul portion convention. I will shop here significantly more. Much obliged toptop
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Top top is my go to site for dark and green tops. When they shut down for get-away I experienced a great deal of difficulty finding another source that was as dependable.

The communication is consistently quick and never takes over 24 hours however as a rule they re.....act in 12 or somewhere in the vicinity.

I typically get the bundle inside 7-10 days and I live in the US. The bundle is carefully wrapped and takes a few time to open.

2 Packs green tops
2 Units of dark tops,

I utilized 5ius for around 3 months alongside a difficult exercise plan and I have gotten observably more fit and characterized. I don't get the advantages of profound rest like everybody says except I can feel muscle jerking in specific territories the following day I exercise. Besides I like these items for fat misfortune since I can truly back off on my eating regimen and not starve myself.

Top top truly is my main site to go to no bs. I'm happy that I've found this spot subsequent to being ripped off so often.
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I made my absolute first request with top a while prior. I won't make further requests with this source. I was most certainly not happy with the item by any means. It delivered no outcomes and I don't trust I recieved genuine hgh. I do accept this source has gone down.....hill or become all in or all out. As expressed byany individuals on the gatherings. Essentially untrustworthy.

There was not really any requirement for comminication. In any case, lord reacts by the following day, the most recent to messages. Which is a little longer then most sources I have delt with. That may have something to do with the time region contrast. I'm most certainly not sure what some portion of the world HE is in.

T/An I should concede knocked my socks off. It was just seven days to US if not sooner. I overlooked precisely how long. Get it was amazingly quick. I don't have a clue how he pulls that off.

2 units of 10 vials, 10iu dark tops.

I ran this item at 2iu 7days wk for approx 90-100 days. What's more, it delivered zero outcomes. No fat misfortune, no weight reduction, no muscle gain or stregnth gain. None of the discussed reactions. Literally nothing.

I don't suggest this source. It is my sentiment that the item I recieved was unadulterated bunk. Or then again either a 192aa chain or some peptide. In any case, whatever it was, it was not HGH. Indeed a portion of 2iu, ran at 7 days wk for 3 straight months or longer ought to have demonstrated "a few" indications of progress. I didn't get anything "zero"
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Ordered from this source dependent on the reviews. I have a part of involvement in GH. I can't think about a superior incentive in wording of cost and results. In the event that you can get GH at reduced cost like you see once in some time I would incline toward that .....however actually the quality here of GH is incredible. Vascularity, fat misfortune, extraordinary rest, the rundown goes on.

Excellent. Like I expressed above, messages are answered to inside 24 hours.

2 packs Hygene GH,

I utilized 2iu's preworkout and 2 ui's before sleep time for the initial 3 weeks and at that point knock it up to 3iu's per use for around 8 weeks.
I adored the siphons I was getting in my exercises. I had never got siphons that way previously. I likewise was showing signs of improvement rest around evening time. I typically have inconveniences nodding off however while I was on Hygene that wasn't the case. I had 19% bodyfat and got knock down to 10%.
I sort of seen my nails became quicker too and my hair became thicker. My face cleared up a ton also. The little skin break out that I had, vanished and furthermore like my facial pores got little and made my face look cleaner.
I absolutley adored the vascular look that I got. Wish I would have requested more.

Don't burn through your time with any other person
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What an incredible encounter! I was wary yet these folks changed my mind.

I've put in my third 100iu request of earthy colored tops and I'm more than happy.

Great and convenient messages at each progression.

Packaging is great. On my last request somebody on the.....ir end included 'Flushing, NY' to the furthest limit of my effectively complete location (after the Postal district) and it tossed the shipment off around four days. Other than that little error, it's been great. Items show up to USA from Hong Kong in about seven days. Mind blowing!,

Brown top hygetropin, 10x10ius,

I utilize 3iu/day.
First impact was free stools (fat leaving) followed by incredible siphons and deeeep rest. Rest quality is so acceptable, I can work effectively on 3-5 hours, however 6-7 is far and away superior.

After a month and a half, fat misfortune was evident, and vascularity was expanded. Post-exercise siphons are awesome.

I completely suggest this provider! They make everything justified, despite all the trouble.
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_Reviewed by a non-dynamic individual from roidbible.com_,


Great item, administration, and quality,

great communication,

fast delivery. I got my request 10 days after installment,

(2) 200IU packs Hyge green tops,

I had my GH Serum tried 3 hours subseque.....nt to infusing IM 10IU's. GH Serum returned at 22.5 I'm extremely happy with the quality, yet, I got bothersome red welts at the infusion spots for the initial 2 weeks, at that point everything disappeared.

I would exceptionally suggest this provider. Extraordinary estimating
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Ordered HGH blue tops. Following seven days I felt all the great impacts of HGH! This asset is really number one!,

Communication without issues, request basic.

Packaged well overall and securely.

1x blue tops,

Using the a month. After the main week all the sig.....ns of a solid HGH!,

I was agreeably amazed by the quality and polished skill HGH provider. This asset is truly fantastic! I'm here to arrange more. The costs are amazing! Much obliged to you.
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This may have been a decent provider once however now they are Not.

I requested on October 2nd.
First issue I have is I gotten an email expressing that my request would not ship for 10 days. So they sold me item they didn't have.
Now it\’s the 29th and the bu.....ndle has still not left China. It is stuck in active traditions and has not moved since the twelfth of October. It\’s the 29th now.

I requested from another provider a week ago and the things showed up in 8 days.

I mentioned a discount and he won\’t discount without a seizure letter. So if the bundle is lost you are sol. On the off chance that it takes a long time to show up that\’s your concern. Quit worrying about it is likely awful after not being refrigerated this long. He won\’t discount you a similar installment technique you utilized and rather needs to do a wire move to a bank. I don\’t have a ledger. So again I am poop up the creek without a paddle.

The last issue is it takes 48 hours or more to get a reaction. This vender has the possibility that they don\’t need to give similar degree of administration all different providers do. I lost my installment and the 75% expansion it has found in the time since the exchange.
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Review for Hygetropin from TOPTOPSERVICE,

Communication was incredible. They answer inside scarcely any hours.

Delivered inside 10 days. Bundling was sheltered and acceptable.

2 x Hygetropin 200iu,

I began HGH cycle with a Tren Air conditioning 100mg/EOD + Dro.....stanolone Prop 100mg/ED + Oxandrolone 80mg/ED multi week cycle, after I completed a Test Prop 100mg/ED + Nandro PhenilProp 100mg/ED multi week cycle.

I have utilized it 8iu consistently. 4iu just after wake up - 7-8am, 4iu just after exercise around 6-7pm. Infused subcutaneously in 12 unique spots on paunch for 50 days all out. Broken down each 8iu vial toward the beginning of the day with 1ml USP BAC water.
From day 4 or 5 I began getting red whelps ~2x2 inch at the infusion spots, irritated. Red whelps proceeded to show up for a month, at that point I began to disintegrate each 8iu vial with 2ml of BAC water and the whelps after infusions decreased and littler and in hardly any days halted to show up.

I felt changes following seven days of infusions. Every once in a while scarcely any times each day my heart rate went quicker with no explanation, and felt sporadic. Feet and extraordinarily hands became swollen each morning. Begun loosing fat on midsection, and felt "lighter" by and large, however quality didn't drop by any stretch of the imagination, indeed, even expanded.

At the finish of the multi day cycle I looked much less fatty, gut fat vanished totally, and before I had a great deal of fat. By and large definition expanded a ton. Furthermore, that was most certainly not because of Tren, Drostanolone and Oxa. I have attempted the equivalent stack without HGH previously and didn't get that really close outcomes.

Quality of the vials was horrendous, marks were stuck warpedly, unique on each vial. Not all vials had vacuum, most likely each third or fourth didn't have vacuum by any stretch of the imagination.

I wish I could do a lab trial of the substance of those vials and post it here, did an examination on where to get that sort of test - no achievement. My supposition, in light of web research, is that this Hygetropin from TOPTOPSERVICE isn't a genuine 191 AA HGH. Indeed, even they have great costs what's more, the outcomes are extraordinary, the red knocks and pulse changes are indications of awful quality item. Great arrangement may cost you a thousand times more in medical problems from non quality item.
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This survey is for the 12 packs of hyges that I requested from toptop which went smooth as spread. Positively no reason for concern and a faultless request.

The just correspondence that there was included making the gift and it was actually three messages. Him sendi.....ng one me sending one back and him sending a last one saying it'll be there soon.

Dude conveyance was on point typically it takes around 9 business days yet I requested they transported out and it was here in like 5 business days it truly shocked me. However, the pack was in flawless condition and everything was overall quite close!,

12 packs of hyges,

I have utilized everything except 2 packs and I have dropped my muscle to fat ratio from 8.9% to ~6.8%. The items do precisely as I need them to do despite the fact that I do run 8 iu a day however, it is well justified, despite all the trouble.

Will be putting in another request right away!!
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So this survey is for the HCG that I bought from toptop for a little while back be that as it may, quite recently got around to testing despite the fact that I have utilized portion of the unit as of now. , They normally hit you up in 24-48 hours just relies upon in t.....he event that it is a end of the week or not yet they generally hit you up. , I think I sat tight 8 days for the pack and the pack was overall quite close. No chance of broken vials or anything like that. Extremely discrete , 1 pack HCG 10 vials @ 2000IU/vial , Gotten me back to pattern levels for 2 post cycles up until this point and just presently chose to test. Check picture up top it's the prego test strip. , Will arrange from these folks once more!!!See more

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