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used them as of late, they'r a joy to manage, quick tactful bundles. Also, I got a major amazement when I paid by western association (%30 rebate). Prices are a touch high, yet Ide much rather pay their prices for genuine testoviron that is get delivered on schedule,..... than UGL garbage that is constantly hit and miss in quality.
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All great trust this source and u can pay via card on the web try not to improve than that somewhat pricey tho

@Snapdragon75 Not certain where your from buddy but rather in \xa3's 10ml of decca from this site is \xa3100ish,extortion as you can get 30ml somewhere else for that price.Also Don't TAKE that stuff without test,you will discover your weapon of decision shrinking,cue..... the old wive's story that juice make your dick shrink.In nandrolone's case without test...I guarantee you it will,so in the event that you truly are set up to shell out over $350/\xa3200 on a standard \xa360 to \xa390 pound purchase,look somewhere else mateSee more

made a request for tren e 10 ml(thaiger pharma) and 100 oxys(british dispencery) cost me \xa3230 was my first request expensive yet the rigging arived in multi week made my first effort on sat will post results

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