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Product Quality 



First request was extraordinary I changed from an EU provider so contrasted with that it was alot simpler!,

didnt require anything sent him wallet data with accurate price on an end of the week right away after I got affirmation email,

packaging was acceptable an.....d speed of delivery was extraordinary contrasted with EU heh.. less then seven days,

24ml Test Enanthate
(free) 12ml Test Enanthate
25mg Anavar 50 caps
25mg Cialis 50 caps
12.5mg Aromasin 50 covers,

The test is awesome been on trt portion just hopped to 500mgs again yet have kept all my gains and feel incredible about getting more! aromasin works no estrogen inconveniences.. Cialis I take a cap right on time for exercise siphons and endures all day and night my young lady cannot keep up.. anavar I just began cuz im session to make my subsequent request and get all the more so I have atleast a month and a half worth..

Definately the spot to go if your homegrown soo advantageous and quick
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Exemplary communication, pivot time, and item effectiveness at serious prices. Incredible hotspot for roidbible.

Quick and opportune reactions by means of email, basic cycle for requesting.

Fast and careful, all that you would need from an online retailer.

Tren E-1,

Tren E-utilized as an all-inclusive impact, Commonplace outcomes improved body organization and quality through the roof.
Sust, utilized through cycle at humble portion, smooth and will keep on using as I journey in the following couple weeks.

First time request, will utilize this hotspot for the coming future. Must be considered the best homegrown source out there.
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Raise the bar is increasing current standards!!,

Customer uphold is first class! I posted my image of my rigging and he took note that I might not have gotten the right measure of tabs by the image I posted so he send me a message on here and shipped me out additio.....nal items!,

T/A was 3 days from when gift was sent!
Discreet bundling!,

4 x test cyp
50 tabs of superdrol (recieved 60),

Only had the option to utilize the test so far. Hanging tight for lab work to return and will have that posted.
Libido is back, drive is there, and inspiration has returned!
Running 500mg per seven day stretch of test cyp 2 cc seven days for about 5 weeks now!,

Looking forward to have more cooperations from this source on this gathering!
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just needed to give another review since this person has never let me down with his products.
Raise the bar has been one of the best sources I have requested from. I have utilized him for the past 2 years. Been on travels and impacts with his stuff. my latest review .....to follow,

always reacts to messages inside 24hrs.

packaging is attentive, goes ahead time in every case not exactly 5 business days, and is bundled well on inside to protect things,

2x 24ml test enth
2x trenbolone enth
2x superdrol
1x exmestane
1x superraise,

Quality is first class. The tren has my veins smothered. Its genuine stuff. I get the tren hack some of the time, night sweats are high, weight is up
Test e as consistently incredible. loads of hair development, morning wood and so forth and so on exercises feel good
Superdrol I keep to a lower level because of liver harmfulness in any case, it additionally cause my exercises to feel truly solid. muscles look hard and bigger
exemestane keeps the areola puff down when I need it
super raise does what it needs to do in the room,

all in all im up 15lbs,

I will keep on utilizing him continually.
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Ordered from MR on October sixth. My forward request with them. I\’ve ran 6 different brands from around 3 unique sources over the a long time however misterraise is doubtlessly the best I\’ve utilized so far. Zero PIP, appears to be precisely dosed and..... was shipped quickly and delivered 3 days in the wake of shipping.

Promptly addressed all my questions. Reactions were speedy ordinarily inside a couple of hours yet most reactions were 30 minutes or less. Acquainted with the apparatus as of now my inquiries were installment based they reacted rapidly and helped me complete it.

Discrete bundling. Painstakingly pressed.

Deca Durabolin 250
Boldenone Und 300
Test Cypionate 250
Anavar 25,

Quality is amazing! I have utilized US drug store recommended Test and Deca and Misterraise gear is simply as great.

400 Test Cyp Week
500 Deca Week
25 Anavar twice day,

Seeing amazing outcomes. Simply wrapped up the Anavar and will switch the Boldenone.

I have taken Solution Nandrolone Decanoate recommended by my low-t center. I have completed two cycles with that facility. So I have some understanding with genuine US solution grade Deca and I can say that misterraise deca is similarly as acceptable. Particularly given the reality my test center charges $200 for 10ML. The center will permit your to do 400mg/week on your second multi week cycle however I would truly not like to pay $400. So I will simply be utilizing Misterraise.
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Another effective request with Mr Raise,

The request measure is so basic, seldom is any communication fundamental, however in the event that you do have any inquiries or concerns he hits you up very rapidly and is exceptionally useful and proficient.

Tight, cauti.....ous bundling. Never had any harms things. From request to my entryway never over seven days,

Test E

The test is alway on point. Zero pip. Ran 500mg every week for about two months and I feel amazing. Extremely high sex drive, no skin inflammation, expanded vitality, great quality gains.

The deca does some amazing things for my joints. Ran 300 mg a week and it\’s goes incredible with the test. I\’m increasing a ton of mass and my joints feel fine,

Aromasin at 12.5 per day and I have zero estrogen sides. This is an absolute necessity for me bc im inclined to gyno,

The cialis is incredible. I\’m not having any ED issues yet I actually get some every request Bc I figure the spouse would def notice in the event that I quit taking them.

I really trust this source is around for quite a while. I e certainly become acclimated to the simple no BS requesting
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This is an incredible provider. Quick reactions. Protected and brisk delivery. Accommodating and the items work.

He was convenient with reactions and anxious to help.

Packaging was tactful and shown up rapidly.

Test e 12 ml. X 3
Test E 24ml,

Product .....is by all accounts functioning admirably. Losing fat picking up muscles. Have increased 10+ lbs. slight skin inflammation yet that should have been normalSee more

Mister Raise offers preferred prices and volumes over any other merchant I have utilized. Numerous vials are 12mL rather than the run of the mill 10mL. I accept they can pull off these prices since they have at least $250 per request.

The bitcoin installment measur.....e was quick and didn't expect me to affirm installment. The framework just dealt with everything.

I have just made another request and mean on proceeding to do as such. Extraordinary merchant.

Received an email at all times. Simple to manage.

Shipping locally was exceptionally brisk. Bundling was tactful. Everything in great condition on appearance.
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_Reviewed by a non-dynamic individual from roidbible.com_,


Ive consistently utilized roidbible to do my schoolwork on discovering great sources yet never having the good luck with US household sources until I ran over Mr.Raise and after understanding pages and .....pages of simply flawless reviews I figured I needed to try it out or take the risk on hitting a big stake and hitting the big stake I sure did. With the low prices and great items I guarantee you it is anything but a source you drop by consistently.

There wasnt much communication required yet for the couple questions I had were truly replied in HOURS. The purchasing measure went smooth and certainly snappy.

Packaged shown up in 5 days that is checking going tossed Easter occasions and was neatly bundled. In reality showed up on the due date.

Test E
Tren E

After taking a half year brake from working out I knew whether this was quality apparatus it wouldn't take long to add on some wieght. Week 1-4 I ran test e at 500mg/week tren e 500mg/week superdrol week 1-2 10mg a/day week 2-3 20mg week 4 30mg beginning at 179lbs closure my fourth week at 190lbs with a spotless eating routine. The superdrol is probably the most grounded oral I've taken to date for putting on slender muscle,that being my first time on superdrol.week 4-8 I'll switch the superdrol out with the anavar and the Test E was smooth no pip and certainly brought the charisma back also, the Tren E had the awful side effects we as a whole disdain and the night sweats yet the force gains and pressing on slender muscle is justified, despite all the trouble all. I've generally gotten awful gyno yet aromasin 12.5 a day kept it under control. The most recent a month I included the anavar with as yet stepping through the examination and tren truly inclined me out just losing 3-4lbs including more cardio I at long last got back the six pack I havent found in yrs. Prepared for the sea shore.

Like I said to start with I unquestionably hit the big stake when discovering Mr.Raise . I will be a deep rooted client I truly have only beneficial comments about the discussions we've had and the top notch items I've recieved. Expectation he's here to stay.5 stars!!
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Hey Mr Siphoning Thank u very much
Thumbs Up

Will follow up half a month not far off to tell you how it develops.

No, no you won't. You review the item after you've utilized it sufficiently long to get results from the item.

Cant make sense of how to erase this post, this review was implied for Purchase as.net, sorry!!,

Not required,

Delivered to U.S inside 9 days and bundled very discreetly!
The shipping time cited was as long as 5 days to ship and as long as 3 weeks for deliver.....y post shipment, I was charmingly astonished to get my request as fast as I did.

Bio Peptide: Follistatin 344,

I had utilized follistatin 344 once before with wonderful outcomes, the main huge drawback was the cost tag, the first occasion when I purchased follistatin I burned through $175 for a solitary 1mg vial that I ran for multi week. In that week, I increased 5 pounds and inclined out significantly (the stuff is AMAZING). I was extremely suspicious of the amazing value they offered on the grounds that the follistatin being sold out there is phony 9/10 times, yet I chose to roll the dice in any case. I ran it at a portion of 200 mcg eod for 10 days and I got Precisely the same sides as in the past! Post infusion I would get extraordinary touchiness in the muscle infused, it resembled getting extreme DOMS x10 I could nearly feel the muscle developing, I increased 3.5 pounds in 10 days and inclined out perceptibly. With everything taken into account I got precisely the outcomes I was seeking after.

I was satisfied to discover a wellspring of credible follistatin at a cut rate cost! Given that 9/10 sellers of follistatin are selling counterfeit poo, realizing that purchase as conveys the genuine article gives me certainty that I can confide in the entirety of their items. Incredible source! I intend to submit an enormous request for apparatus and peptides in the following scarcely any weeks.
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100 percent proficient and considerate structure the first email to delivery.As a first time purchaser we as a whole have an inquiry or two before requesting however getting a reaction on a Sunday evening inside 15 minutes and to having the option to add to a current .....request is going way past first rate.

No stresses in this department.order,pay and all affirmation messages and shipping refreshes are spot on track.las minute addons and changes were taken care of the first run through and past steady.

Secure and bundled very well.discret what's more, quick shipping.time to entryway 3-5 days on all requests.

Test enanthate
One test cyp,

Was on cycle however certainly felt a distinction when exchanging sources.test e hit hard inside 2 days, drive through the roof,strength up around fourteen days in.
One test cyp has zero pip,running around 500 every week decent lean gains,vascularity began to show around week 3.
The var is ostensibly the best I have utilized at this point furthermore, have been in the game for a decent 20 years.pumps are insane,zero swell blood stream expanded with veins appearing through nicely.And raising the game with non standard 12 cc bottles shows an organization that has faith in there own items and there items viability enough to change the guidelines to attract new clients realizing they have increased current standards.

Just a decent all around experience which is a major pressure reliever knowing the measure of sources out there and coming to settle on that ultimate conclusion. I really feel exceptionally mitigated when requesting and after installment is sent it is ideal to not to stress over the coordinations of the request since client assistance and the items are of such high caliber.
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Indeed Mr Raise is on point with incredible quality items! , Correspondence was phenomenal as usual. Gotten email right away in the wake of putting request. , Things got in 3 business days after made installment. Bundling was prudent and secure. , - dihydroboldenone-c.....ypionate-100mg/
Test enathate , I\’m utilizing 200 mg dhb and 250 mg test e m/w/f
I\’ve been on for around 5 weeks now and my quality and additions are through the rooftop! I swear this dhb is trens twin brother w/out any sides at all! , I\’ll be submitting my next request today!!!! Mr Raise is the best!
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I have been utilizing mr raise for 4 months now from the outset I was crude however following multi week of the test cypionate and tren e I was insane than a mf. My quality experienced the rooftop and I had boss street rage. The gear is genuine the test awakens me to .....a decent morning wood my significant other adores it. I felt a little bump on my tit and utilized the aromasin which is great af incredible expelled any terrible estrogen impacts and furthermore the nolvadex is great. The masteron ethanate is genuine felt truly parched and joints hurt alot so I brought down the measurement from 2cc to 1 however those symptoms affirm its genuine. No pip ever if u warm with running water. I love this crap I am making next request right now lol. , Great and expert very little required once u pay they transport brisk and quick like amazon prime. , Impeccable quick and attentive pleasant air pocket wrap to ensure the substance inside never had an issue. , 4 tes cypionate
2 tren ethanate
Masteron enthanate
2 Test propionate
1 test ethanate 24ml , I have requested like multiple times in 4 months I am running testosterone cypionate for the 4 months I am going to cycle off . The tren I did for about a month and a half excellent and ground-breaking I shed 20 pounds of undesirable fat what's more, increased 30 pounds of fit muscle I am 230 6\’ and still have objectives to meet yet this rigging works. , Dont think to much simply arrange ideally mr raise remains for quite a while I love it.
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_Reviewed by a non-dynamic individual from roidbible.com_ ,
, I had been utilizing the local distribution center of a huge and famous Asian ssupplier.prices had recently gotten excessively high. Discovered Mr Raise and I will never think back. Great estimating, grea.....t rigging andd great help are difficult to find. These.guys totally increase current standards! , I had questions and some.hiccups with Bitcoin. All email requests addressed rapidly and proficiently. , Attentive, strong and safe bundling. Quick! Under seven days from request to east coast conveyance. , Test enth 250
Trenbolone enth 250
Exemestane , Hands down the best oils I have utilized. Different providers tren in every case left PIP. Increase present expectations gear is smooth! , 400 mgs test week
400 mgs tren , Week 6 and I am up 11 lbs and am less fatty. My craving is through the rooftop. All the typical tren reactions.. a sleeping disorder, perspiring, hostility, pee shading. Tren makes.me.lean and solid and this rigging possesses all the necessary qualities. My Test levels returned at 1280 which is in reality high for.Me on 400 mgs. , Put in your request with certainty. Simple requesting, simple utilization of credit card to purchase BTC an exchange it, speedy reaction client support and smooth solid apparatus. Goodness.. Also, you get great costs! Expectation these folks remain around for some time.
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Chosen to utilize Mr raise in the wake of moving to another state and no more having protection to cover my TRT. I'm happy I ran over this site and explored these items. At a similar cost for each month, I was paying at the specialist I get an extra 200mg of testoster.....one PW alongside 25mg of Proviron PD. I additionally lean toward 12.5mg Aromisan EOD over 1mg of Arimidex from the specialist. , This was my first time utilizing Bitcoin. I sent a subsequent email with inquiries to ensure I was doing everything effectively. I got an email back the equivalent day with answers. Everything went great! , Conveyance is quick. Under 5 days. The bundling was proficient and discrete. No wrecked containers. Marking was likewise proficient. , 25mg Proviron x 3
12.5 Aromasin x 1
12ml TTP x3 , I've been utilizing TRT Watson 200mg cypionate for a long time. I realize what real testosterone feels like. Mr raise 200mg TTP is similarly as solid and has no perceptible PIP or sharp animosity. This item is clean and smooth. I've been taking 600mg every week (200mg) Mon/Marry/Fri. Proviron 50mg every day and aromisan 12.5mg ED for about a month and a half. My bodyweight before was 215. My current bodyweight is 215 in any case, I cut my calories by 1000 every day and expanded my cardio consuming at least 1000 calories for each day (5lb recomp). State of mind has improved with Proviron yet seen expanded hostility and crabbiness when taking anything over 50mg PD. Aromisan is genuine, no skin break out or water maintenance. , I'll be utilizing this mix of TTP/Proviron/Aromisan for my TRT convention going ahead. Building will be 600mg TTP PW, 50mg Proviron ED, Aromisan 12.5mg ED.
Cruising will be 400mg TTP PW, 25mg Proviron ED, 12.5 Aromisan EOD. I picked TTP over enanthate and cypionate for the water maintenance rating. TTP is evaluated (Medium) water maintenance. Enanthate/Cypionate are evaluated (High) water maintenance.
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Misterriase.net Survey , Incredible correspondence and backing from this source. , T/A, delivery, and bundling were all generally excellent. I got my request around 4 days subsequent to putting it and sending my installment. Which was ll a easy procedure. Bundling was..... secure, and watchful. , 3 vials of Trenbolone Enanthate , Item quality is no ifs, ands or buts the best I have ever experienced contrasted with different sources I have utilized already. I am sticking the tren at 125mg (.5mL) eod for a sum of 500mg/seven day stretch of tren. I am running a trt portion of test e at 125mg/week close by the tren. I am around a month and a half into this tren run and it has been extraordinary. My weight has gone up somewhat however appears to steadliy continue as before for some successive days. I am eating in an overflow comprising of high carb, moderate protein, and low fat admissions. I have dropped around 1-2% in muscle versus fat up to this point while picking up bulk this cycle. On tren, you can wake up and see slight visual changes in your constitution regular. I wake up looking more slender and all the more full ordinary, explicitly in the delts, quads, and arms. It genuinely is an absolute "body re-organization" tranquilize, astonishing impacts. Likewise, drive is through the rooftop on tren! My sweetheart and I have went at it for 60 minutes, and afterward continued to go back for cycle 2. I have not encountered any symptoms hitherto, other than a light increment in internal heat level in the wake of eating, explicitly dinners with a moderate or high measure of carbs. Misterraise.net is beyond question my new go-to source. High caliber items close by superb, quick assistance and bolster makes this source the most elite. Would suggest. , Misterraise.net is an incredible source.See more

In spite of the fact that I was uncertain of the authenticity of Mr.Raise's items and administrations, I was helped by the way that different individuals on roidbible had given him excellent audits. To finish it off, the costs offered by Mr.Raise are great, and, when .....combined with the item's quality, it makes it an arrangement that you can't leave behind. This was a first time purchase for me however I realize that I will have returned to arrange more from Mr. Raise. I have totally ZERO negative comments on this source. Shop with certainty since you're in acceptable hands! , I had a great deal of issues with getting a bitcoin site to work for me and it ended up being a tremendous issue. Mr. Raise was there to answer all my inquiries and he was exceptionally receptive to my messages. He hung tight for me to figure everything out and never became upset. Truly, Mr. Raise offers remarkable client assistance. , The bundle was careful and everything showed up free from any potential harm. , 12mL Test E 250mg x 3
12mL Test P 100mg x 5
50x Aromasin 12.5mg x 2
50x Clomid 25mg x 1 , The nature of these items is 100% genuine and compelling. My size expanded after only multi week on the oils and my charisma shot through the rooftop inside seven days also. I am content with the outcomes that I've seen and I have no doubt as far as I can say that the nature of Mr.Raise's items is first class. So far I've been doing 100mg Test E 2x every week and 70mg Test P eod. It just works for me and I can hardly wait to run it once more.
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