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Ordered DP anadrol 50. It was on freedom. First time requesting from Euroking. I was somewhat concerned on the grounds that the bundle had no exp or clump number. it was clear. be that as it may, after the third portion of 50mg every day. This stuff previously kicked..... in. Quality drastically improved and I exploded like an inflatable obviously. This stuff is unquestionably genuine.

not truly secure with communication. I didnt reach them by any means. I simply requested and sat tight for it to come in what's more, it did. I definitely know and anticipate that it should take half a month. yet, I gotten a tracking number two or three days after I requested.

it took around 3 weeks which is about normal. I generally request route ahead of time to be safe. I never stand by until I run out. bundle was discrete and pressed well.

DP anadrol 50,

quality is extraordinary. strong stuff. feel.it inside days. took 50mg every day. quality improved drastically. sex drive was significantly improved. I enlarged tho however was control with nolva and aromasin. I had next to no sides other than swell.

i was very satisfied with this exchange that I submitted another request.
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Review for the 80mg green anadrols from some time back,

Just requested from the site and that was all,

Packaging was superb, I had no clue about what it was till I opened it.

300 x 80mg anadrols,

These were by far the best anadrol I've had in years or perhaps..... ever. 2 every day pre-exercise invigorated me the most broken down siphons and. It likewise gave me the sides like diminished craving and heartburn which genuine anadrol should give you. While on these I was looking full a large portion of the time. Much appreciated Euroking!See more

It says I paid so everything was settled

I unquestionably trust my request doesn't take this long.

I as of late utilized DP A-drol and Winny tabs in a little 'stack' while taking off in to my voyage.

Tabs were strong also, my measurement were low ... remained solid as a bull while dropping 10 pounds.

EK has some new dbol and winny tabs coming out before long a.....nd I can hardly wait!,

JAP10: Folks ... I am certain the greater part of you realize that a case like JAP's is extremely uncommon and uncommon in the event that it in fact winds up looking at to be genuine. EK is researching that at the present time. On the off chance that it is genuine ... he will be dealt with.

Please take the time and read through the entirety of the hundreds of different reviews with respect to EK. I would loathe for one of you all to be lost from the cases of JAP. You would pass up the best gear, the best client care, and the best items in the game.

ALWAYS quick, in some cases Too quick. Yet, NEVER a significant delay.

very quick and incredible tactful packs,

DP anadrol also, DP winny, 4 months prior,

On standard, dosed right and intense raws were clearly utilized,

ALL of my requests in the course of the last 3 a long time have been gotten and had NO issues. Quick reactions to questions and packs made it to my entryway quick.

I just use EK. That is all. Sure ... I may get a couple of different things different spots, as ghrp-2 and such. Be that as it may, for my apparatus needs, it is all EK child!
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It was the ideal opportunity for me to tesdt some mythical serpent pharma that I won on the promo.This dianabol gaver me an incredible siphon and quality and the scale planted 4 kilos up in about fourteen days and went generally excellent all the ways down.very great..... stuff.

It wasn't important to communicate all happened the right way,

Took just multi week to get my promotion,

Dragon pharma dianabol,

One wirtd FIRE about winged serpent pharma dianabol
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Got in on the Euroking Singani promotion a couple of months back, here's my involvement in their item.

None required aside an underlying message mentioning their promotion and a check I got in.

Packed tight and careful, needed to look out for the promotion cutoff .....time to end however got it rapidly from that point perhaps 9 days over the lake. Accompanied a lot of time to add it to my current cycle I was on.

10x NPP 100mg/1ml Amps - 1 That showed up smashed as appeared in the photograph interface underneath yet I can't grumble about that in a free example, it was additionally in the stalemate of pre-summer/ late-spring it was shipped abroad and NPP is famously an instable compound.
Gear Pics: [link-hidden] [[link-hidden]

This was my first involvement in NPP however I have utilized DECA previously. I held up till the last 9 shots of PROP I was utilizing and bent over my finish of cycle with the NPP as I've seen recommended previously in different spots to end your cycle with somewhat of a blast. I unquestionably seen the effects: Effortless Joints, A fast increment in mass in quality when typically toward the finish of a cycle I'm leveled out in gains, likewise got more cut from the cooperative energy of the NPP and PROP I was taking. Presently I've encountered DECA Dick however didn't have that issue with NPP and it was dosed at around 400mg/week like I would run DECA on the off chance that I at any point set out to once more. That was unquestionably an or more to not have a dead noodle between my legs while as yet running a similar compound. I will probably never utilize DECA again yet NPP has started my advantage and I wouldn't spare a moment to buy some from this brand or provider.

I would run this item again and found no issues with Singani Drug store's Item. 1 Smashed Vial didnt hurt my experience the slightest bit and Euroking gave a quick and free taste of their great assistance. Which I'm appreciative to of gotten.
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Glad to see an Euro provider shipping just to the US. Lets trust that doesnt stop at any point in the near future. You all appear to be entirely solid and it won't be long until more individuals understand that. So keep your stock up!

Didn't get my huge request for the DP deal and the person instructed me to get in touch with him in 20 days on the off chance that I haven't got my request. Here it is 25 days and yesterday he, such a large number of numerous words, disclosed to me I was out of karma...... This is a decent store and they've never let me down until this time. I truly prefer not to proceed onward however I can't put in another request while another is MIA. Ideally they get it made sense of b/c I have a decent measure of progress on the line.See more

Wait a second you are making a review when we didnt even get your installment and you state you havnt got your request? at the point when we didnt get your installment by any means?

Review for last 2 promotion.

Test E,

Source has some genuine shipping issues.

Communication was incredible until my THIRD Held onto PACK.


Dragon Pharma test e promotion,

I was remembe.....red for the last 2 promos.
The first promotion I took the decision of of 5 test E.

The first pack was seized, I connected and EK quickly reacted and offered a reship to another location. The reship showed up no issue.

The second promotion I picked the equivalent Mythical serpent Pharma test e.
Once once more, the first pack was seized. EK quickly addressed my email and offered a reship to another location.

I sent him the second location, which Just he has. I never given that address out to some other source.
I got a second seizure letter.
And this time EK doesn't have any desire to react to my pm.

Which in the pm I expressed gratitude toward him for the promotion and revealed to him I comprehend on the off chance that he would not like to reship.

I realize it has nothing to do with me or my addresses. As different packs from different sources come in without an issue during this time.

I'm not steamed as this us a promotion, and I am thankful that I was even included.

I simply feel its imperative to let the network realize that EK has some major issues with packs getting seized.

He even states in his promotion also seized packs. That gives you he knows.

Many different individuals have been grumbling also.

As far as the 1 pack I did recieve, the mythical beast pharma is an incredible item. I have utilized in the past and have had great outcomes. All the blood work I see is acceptable.

Euroking is an extraordinary source that sells great product.I have worked together in the past with extraordinary outcomes. He offers incredible promotions also, is anything but difficult to work with.

Unfortunately, now, from my involvement in these promotions. I don't suggest shopping here as a result of the awful achievement pace of accepting packs.

If I had really paid for these items, I would be upset.
Until the shipping issues get settled I wouldnt be very sure about send my cash and trusting my item gets to me.

This isn't intended to be a negative review. Just an individual supposition from my ongoing experience.

Everything is a positive other than the way that something is frightfully off-base when 3/4 packs get hit.

When I have completely 0 issues from numerous different sources.
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OK I simply sent in my WU information for my request, was a little request to try things out yet I like the cost of the rigging so in the event that they come through I will utilize them for a portion of my needs. The site was a minimal hazy on in the event that they .....needed US dollars or Euros on the payout side of WU I went with EU I trust that wont be an issue. I will keep all of you refreshed!See more

I got an opportunity to attempt their mythical serpent pharma sustanon :),

It wasn't fundamental, request came with no difficulty.

Package got intact and with all substance.

5x DP Sustanon 350,

I've utilized sustanon with NPP and hgh in 12weeks cycle. I felt i.....mpacts of sustanon after 2 weeks, charisma went up, much better siphons, atp. No PIP by any means. I've increased 11lbs and keep a large portion of it after PCT.See more

You're likewise _done_ with this shit.
Have a decent remain in bansville.

I still haven't got my DNP request. I at last opened a ticket with them today, so ideally they can look into what is taking such a long time. The request evidently shipped a month ago on the tenth, also, it had an expected delivery date of August 26th. It's 15 days af.....terward and still a flake-out. I comprehend that these things can take a while, yet I don't figure anybody can censure me for being at any rate a minimal stressed - particularly considering this is my first request with Euroking.See more

this is a review for singani pharma testosterone cypionate,

No requiring for any communication or backing,

the T/An in EU is very high ( 3 weeks ), the bundle is very expert possibly the best bundle of all source that I have attempted,

20 x singani pharma test .....cypionate,

singani pharma are magnificent items, I yet attempted their npp and was astounded for quality.The oil has low thickness just like water. 750 mg/week with 17 alfa m1 test (30 mg/kick the bucket) increased a part of value mass in 6 weeks...the just side was a downright terrible back skin break out and loss of hunger with high ALT level ( 125 UI)....(I utilized liv 52 nac and thiola, however the transaminases goes up...this is terrible),

I truly raccomend this source, it is strong and got an amazing determination of great quality brand...the just thing that they ought to improve is the T/A period in EU.
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_Reviewed by a non-dynamic individual from roidbible.com_,


I have requested from them before with no issues then I attempt to go on their site and its shut down. I trust that my requests were both shipped on the grounds that I requested them back in the start of February.

send me your request id and sick investigate it

This is the singhani promotion.. Recieved 20 tren amps all stuffed firmly and prudent,

Perfect as usual,

Packaging was prudent and recieved request in 14 days to us,

Singani tren expert,

Been on for 3 weeks at this point also, it's unquestionably genuine... Ty.....pical tren signs... Looking crazier consistently and I can't remain off the woman lol,

I've utilizing ek for two or three years at this point and I will say this source is genuine and has awesome advancements constantly, I firmly suggest
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